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Wellbeing during school closures due to Covid - 19


Advice to parents

It would be an understatement to say this is a stressful time for society as a whole at the moment and with this in mind, it is vital that we are looking after our wellbeing - both physical and mental. 

We take the wellbeing of our whole school community very seriously and as such have compiled some resources which we believe may be useful to maintain positive wellbeing throughout this difficult time. 

These resources are for both adults and children alike, and an ideal way to look after one another's wellbeing together. 

Apps to support wellbeing

Useful resources for parents

Why not try the coping calendar - simple actions uplift us and keep us positive

If you think any of the activities below would help or benefit someone else, be sure to click below, download and share it with them.

coping calendar
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