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English at Boughton Heath Academy

Here at Boughton Heath Academy we understand the importance of the written word and its role in inspiring children and unlocking their potentail across the curriculum. Children who love the written word unlock a whole world of inspiration which can then translate into progression, achievement and passion in other areas. 

We teach English following a bespoke version of the Literacy Counts Read to Write units of work. Read to Write empowers our eachers to provide high-quality teaching of writing through high-quality literature. These detailed units of work centre on engaging, vocabulary-rich texts, with a wealth of writing opportunities within and across the curriculum and they also signpost wider curriculum enrichments. Our teachers tailor make each unit of work in line with the needs of the class they teach. See below how we structure the curriculum below.

The Read to Write methodology

Each time the children study a unit of Read to Write they follow the same structure. This consistency is as follows and allows chidren the opportuntity to fully engage with and understand a text in order to further their own understanding and application of the written word.


The children are immersed into a 'vehicle text' through dramatic readings, engaging activities, character role plays and detailed study of key events. This 'vehicle text' drives the rest of the learning for the unit.


Particular focus is placed upon specific writing techniques to meet an end goal of writing. For example if the chilren are learning to write a setting description, literary techniques to describe are studied.


The children use the knowledge they have amassed during the first two stages to plan out their own piece of written work against the desired focus. 


The children independently write their own piece of work aginst the studied brief. They have opportnities for indepent evaluation, along with peer and teacher led reviews to support the editing and improving of such work.



The vehicle texts we use:


Year One

Year Two

Year Three

Year Four

Year Five

Year Six

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