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Residential Visits

Residential Programme


To enhance our children’s learning experiences we have always provided the opportunity for our year groups, from Year 3 through to Year 6, to attend residential trips.  These overnight visits, sometimes one night and sometimes 2 nights as the children are older, allow for a wider scope of learning in a different environment and in a different dynamic.


We greatly value these experiences for the children as we find the children benefit in a variety of ways; the changes in learning environments engage the children in a different way from the traditional classroom situation; they initiate their own learning, exploring, discovering and creating; they become fully engaged and focussed in their learning; they are able to apply new and existing skills to related topics covered in school both before and after the visit. Many areas we visit allow teachers to explore cross-curricular topics such as tourism for example, using geography, history, language and data.


The relaxed environment amongst their classmates and teachers encourages the children to ‘gel’ and re-affirm their year groups team spirit and they are able to share other strengths and attributes not always apparent in school.



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