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Admissions at Boughton Heath

Current places available

 No places available
Year 1
Limited places available
Year 2
Limited places available
Year 3
No places available
Year 4
No places available 
Year 5
No places available
Year 6 
No places available


Admissions into Boughton Heath

Please refer to the documents below detailing comprehensive information relating to adminssions.

Starting school in September 2020

Applications for admission into Boughton Heath Academy are dealt with by Cheshire West and Cheshire Admissions team for Reception places only.

We have attached the  admissions to primary school booklet for your convienence above which holds all the relevant information regarding admissions, including information in relation to oversubscription.

Parents who have applied for a place at Boughton Heath Academy for September 2020 and do not recieve a place for Reception and therefore wish to appeal must do so by 18th May 2020.

Above is also a  guide for parents wishing to appeal, the process that needs to be followed and our admissions arrangements which are inline with Cheshire West and Chester council.

For more information on the amissions process for schools you will find usful information and resources on the Cheshire West and Chester website. This can be found at:



In Year Admissions or Transfers

School governors now control in year admissions so if you require a place mid way through the year please contact the Principal at head@boughtonheath.cheshire.sch.uk

If you wish to make an application to transfer your child to our school please use the Cheshire West and Cheshire Admissions website found here

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