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    Bad weather information

    Please see below for answers on how we manage the academy in the event of having to close due to bad weather.

  • What consitutes bad weather?

    In short, we would consistue any weather condition which made the journey to and from, or the conditions at school as hazardous the wellbeing of school stakeholders. Most often this wouuld be extreme wintery conditions such as snow and severe ice which would pose health and safety risks in various forms.

  • How do we inform parents and carers if we need to close the school?

    The decision to close is never taken lightly and always after a full inspection of the academy site by leadership. In the event we decide it is safer to keep school closed for a limited period of time we notify all parents through the ping notification app, via our twitter page, through notifying Cheshire West and Chester who pass this information on to local radio stations and also update the school closure page of their website.

  • Why do we have a procedure for bad weather?

    Although rare, it is not out of the realms of possibility that we could face weather conditions which make it unsafe for children to come to school. In these events it may be safer for children, staff and parents to stay away from school in order to minimise risk of injury and accident on route to or whilst at school.

  • What happens if the school day has already begun?

    If the school day has already begun and we need to close, we would communication with parents and carers in the same way as above, instructing them to come and collect their children. Staff would be on site to accompany the children until their were collected.

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