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 The Curriculum at Boughton Heath


Boughton Heath Academy has a distinctive ethos: a ‘whole child’ approach and a commitment to developing confident, enquiring children who have high self-esteem and are inspired by the world in which they live.

Charles Darwin provides our model for learning: as a passionate enquirer, Darwin modelled skills of observation, scrutiny, questioning, comparison and contrast, ordering and evaluation.  He was utterly absorbed by the world in which he found himself, challenged by its complexity and inspired to push boundaries of understanding.  His starting point was the particular, the local and the immediate context; in the same way, our curriculum centres upon local and first-hand experience as a catalyst for our children’s imaginations.

Our vision is to develop a community of growing independent learners who are fundamentally motivated by life, as was Darwin.  Irrespective of the background or ‘ability’ of the child, Boughton Heath is committed to developing children’s skills as ‘connection-makers’, to lead them towards becoming adults with the capacity and confidence to interpret their experience and to make sense of it in a complex world.

This distinctive approach is, in many ways, counter cultural: we prize authenticity and personal growth over quick ‘success’ and being overtly ‘impressive’.  We find that only mushrooms grow quickly, and that slowing down is an intrinsic element of our ethos. Through the development of fine motor and coordination skills, children can learn to engage at depth in the here and now.  At a deeper level, there is a spiritual level to our curriculum, in that from deeper ‘seeing’ of the world around them, comes quality engagement and subsequently the desire to write and respond, and to write and respond well.

Our approach to learning, for ourselves as teachers, as well as our children, needs to be sensitively grown and nurtured over time, through planned sequences of first-hand (or vicarious) experiences and reflection.  This is an opportunity to be bold, in a supportive community of teaching and learning.  Together, we are committed to leading children towards becoming independent learners who are inspired by their lives and who can express their complex responses to it.

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