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This page is dedicated to passing on information given at the various parental information evenings and resources that the school develops.

How to support your child/ren at home with writing.2014

English advisor Catherine Richardson held a parents meeting to review how school teaches writing to children from Reception to Year 6. Do you know how to help your child improve their writing? Can you support them with their sentences, punctuation and grammar? Do you know what a fronted adverbial is?

Reception Parents- Supporting your children with Reading. 2014

Meeting with parents to discuss how we teach reading and how they can help support their children's reading at home.

Assessment without Levels- A parents' guide 2016

Meeting with parents to explain our new assessment system because levels will no longer be used as a means of explaining attainment.

Grammar Evening June 2016

NEW Calculation policy for Mathematics

Support for Spelling- March 2016

Please click on the leafet below which gives parents useful guidance on supporting their chidlren at home with spelling

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