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Boughton Heath Academy Parent Forum

The parent forum is the voice of the parent community of Boughton Heath. Each year group from Reception to Year 6 has parent representatives that attend a half termly meeting with school leadership and members of the Local Governing Board, providing feedback from the parent community upon how Boughton Heath can improve its offer to the children it serves.

The school believes that by working co-operatively with the parent forum, we can collaboratively contribute to improvements in the services delivered for our children via the following channels:

  • Through regular communication with parents and the school to highlight areas for development and deliver constructive feedback
  • Through ensuring a diverse forum membership and representation of the whole school parent community from Reception to Year 6.
  • By promoting a collaborative and harmonious reputation and image of the parent forum and school, which reflects its aims and values.

The parent forum is not an appropriate channel to raise concerns which relate to individual children or families and in this instance forum members will reccommend you direct such concerns to the school directly.

Parent Forum Representatives

The Parent Forum is represented by the following people:
Reception: Mrs Marshall and Mrs Walsh
Year 1: Mrs Menzies and Mrs Sweetman
Year 2: Mrs Keyse and Miss Riley
Year 3: Mrs McCallum and Mrs Jones
Year 4:  Mrs Chaney and Mrs Hearne
Year 5: Mrs Swinney
Year 6: Mrs Harling


Parent forum meetings will be held each half term and will be attended by either Mr Ellis or Mr Lenton, or both.

Throughout the year members of the Governing Board will also be invited to attend to hear views from the forum and strengthen ties between the Governing Board and parent community.

If you are interested in representing the Parent Forum within Year 5 or 6, or you have suggestions regarding items to be discussed at the next meeting, please see the appropriate representative for your child's year.

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