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At Boughton Heath Academy, the curriculum has been designed with the aim of ensuring our children go forwards to make the world a better place through their own individual and collective contribution.

We have developed a curriculum centred around the rights of all, and we adopt a personalised approach which meets the needs of all of our children, working alongside the local community. Inclusivity, equity of education and equality underpin this, and high expectations are held for every child, regardless of need or ability, including any Special Educational Need or Disability (SEND).  

We aspire to develop a strong moral and ethical compass within our children, whilst helping them develop a love of learning that will last for life. We do this through ensuring our curriculum is ambitious for all and well sequenced, delivering knowledge, skills and understanding through inspiring teaching and learning opportunities.

In order to create resilient and independent learners, we adopt a mastery approach to learning throughout our curriculum.

We place great emphasis upon a love of reading,curriculum wheel.png understanding that enjoying this key skill is paramount to unlocking a child’s full potential and imagination whilst accessing our curriculum. This begins in the first days of Reception, and continues throughout all year groups. We draw upon research and evidence based pedagogy through our Power Maths scheme to deliver mathematics, and Pathways to Literacy in delivering literacy. Throughout our wider curriculum, our teachers plan bespoke units of work through a blend of discrete and connected subjects. Our connected curriculum comprises science, geography, history, art & design and Design & technology, with PE, Music, RE, MFL, Computing and PSHE / RSE being taught discretely.

We follow a child centred approach in delivering our curriculum offer at Boughton Heath; and use tangible learning opportunities, local and global issues and increasingly complex real world scenarios to scaffold this work.  We harness the individuality and creativity of our children, developing a sense of pride and work ethic through the presentation of children’s learning. We have planned our curriculum to provide opportunities for our children to work individually and collaboratively, recognising their own personal journey within education whilst understanding they are a much-valued member of a kind and caring school community. Through this, we instil a sense of purpose, belonging and agency for every child to harness as they set about making their impact upon the world.   


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