Punctuality and Holidays

School begins at 8.50am and all pupils are expected to be in school for registration at this time.  Pupils who are late are disrupting not only their own education but also that of others.  Where persistent lateness gives cause for concern further action may be taken. In the first instance this will involve a discussion with the parent or carer followed by a letter home if the situation does not improve. 

The guidance below seeks to inform parents/carers about children arriving late to school. The procedure will be as follows:

  • 8.40am:  Doors open, children enter school 
  • 8.50: Doors and gates to school are closed and registers are taken in each class. 
  • If a child does not arrive at school by 8.50, they should enter via the main school office. 




Phase 1 Child has received 3 late marks in the register Discussion with parents to ascertain the reasons and explain the process if this continues
Phase 2 Children receives a further 4 late marks (7 in total) Formal letter to the parents/carers from governing body regarding the need for improvement in punctuality
Phase 3 Children receive a further 3 late marks (10 in total) A formal note will be placed on the child's record which will transfer to Secondary school with a further letter to parents.


Absence requests will only be granted in exceptional circumstnaces. Absences taken without such authorisation will be recorded as unauthorised. Guidance from the DfE explains that these reasons should not be authorised.

  • Extended family holidays
  • One day trips to see relatives
  • Birthday or event holidays
  • “Educational” visits
  • Holidays to long haul destinations

If parents make the decision to go ahead and take their children out of school for a family holiday this will be documented as an unauthorised absence and fixed penalty fine may be issued. The fine is £60 per parent per child for the episode of absence. An absence request form must still be completed and returned to the Headteacher.


  • * Parent in the armed forces returned home for limited period in term time during tours of duty
  • * To allow family time prior to and following the death of a very close relative
  • * Life threatening and life limiting illness of child or sibling
  • * Visit abroad prior to family moving there

Fixed Penalty Notice Amendments

From 1st September 2015 the amendments to 2007 regulations will reduce the timescales for paying a Fixed Penalty Notice.  Parents will have 21 days  instead of 28 days to pay the £60 if unpaid the fine will double to £120 and parents will have 28 days instead of 42 days to pay.

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