Subject Road Maps


Our curriculum roadmaps articulate the route of study within a particular subject within school.

They detail the ambition of the subject, the strategic skills we aim to impart within it, alongisde how this is implemented throughout teaching and learning opportunities within school.

Also detailed are key skills which are taught throughout each year group of school, demonstrating how each subject has been carefully planned and constructed to be sequenced progressively year after year with pupils building on prior learning to move forwards. End points for each year group are also clearly defined (see the Geography example below), showing how children apply the knowledge, skills and understanding they are taught, against a clearly defined end point before moving on with their learning

Endpoint progression example


We are an inclusive school and as such, do not believe in narrowing the curriculum for any learner. Our curriculum is designed with inclusion of all at heart, and our curriculum intent is therefore the same for all children. However we are mindful that there are an abundance of factors which need to be considered in order for all learners to be able to access learning according to their individual needs; perhaps none more so than for those learners with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

Therefore, whilst our curriculum intent is the same for all learners; our implementation of the curriculum may well look different for different groups of pupils. Teachers will plan, scaffold, challenge and embed learning through activities which are amended to meet children’s needs – we call this amended implementation. This is to ensure that our curriculum can be met by all within an inclusive environment, mindful and responsive to children’s needs.

We use guidance set out within the NASEN teacher handbook to assist us in amending our implementation throughout different subjects. Examples of how we do this are included within each subject roadmap within the inclusion section, an example of which can be seen below.


Subject inclusion .png

See below for all of our curriculum roadmaps.

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