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Using the National Curriculum as the foundation for learning, we have developed our school curriculum to provide children with the essential knowledge and skills they will need in order to thrive and become successful citizens. Our curriculum is systematically planned and structured with progression in mind, being organised in such a way that prior learning is used as a baseline upon which to develop new learning, with plenty of opportunities to revisit and reapply content through the teaching and learning cycle in order that children are able to move knowledge form their working memory to their long term memory. Throughout each year of school, starting in Reception, clear end points are mapped for children to work towards to enable accurate assessment of their progression within learning, and to provide opportunities for early intervention where this is required.

We focus our curriculum around the rights of all, adopting a personalised approach to meet the needs of all pupils. Our curriculum intent and vision remains the same for all pupils, however its implemented is adapted for children who require this. Inclusivity, equity of education and equality underpin our vision, and high expectations are held for every child, regardless of need.

We place great emphasis upon a love of reading, understanding that enjoying this key skill is paramount to unlocking a child’s full potential and imagination whilst accessing our curriculum. This begins in the first days of Reception, and continues throughout all year groups. We draw upon research and evidence based pedagogy through our Power Maths scheme to deliver mathematics, and Pathways to Literacy in delivering literacy. Throughout our wider curriculum, our teachers deliver bespoke and planned units of work. These lessons follow a consistent structure throughout school, where prior knowledge is revisited before new concepts are introduced through active learning techniques which are grappled with individually and in groups. This new content is reinforced through high quality teaching before being recorded and assessed independently.  Our curriculum comprises science, geography, history, art & design and Design & technology; alongside PE, Music, RE, MFL, Computing and PSHE / RSE.

We aspire for children to discover and nurture academic passions which will last a life time; applying the knowledge, skills and understanding taught within their education at Boughton Heath to succeed in doing this.


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